COAST is an alignment search tool that identifies similar proteomes in BLAST or diamond databases. It does this by cumulatively identifying similar proteins for a user provided proteome and aggregating selected best hits.

The current prototype can be downloaded at:

conda install -c bioconda coast=0.2.2

There are galaxy tools and auxiliar data managers in COAST - Galaxy Tools

Cautions selecting the database

In the future this space will have further indications on how to best select a database fitting for your use.


Currently, COAST provides the following command line programs:

  • coast search execute searches. Know more

  • coast report generates reports and aggregated metrics. Know more

  • coast retrieve retrieves reference proteomes. Know more

  • coast compare reciprocal best hits between proteomes. Know more

The following commands are meant to be examples of what a query using COAST looks like, using more advanced options.:

# Query the proteome in
coast search nr --taxidlist taxonomic_filters/10239_2021.06.11_12.34.25.txids --out . --outfmt b a

# Generate a report without hypothetical proteins
coast report  MN908947.3_COAST_2021_06_25_13_10_12/ --out MN908947.3_COAST_2021_06_25_13_10_12/filtered/ --outfmt b a r


The version 0.1, was developed during the “Project in Bioinformatics” class of the Masters in Bioinformatics at Universidade do Minho, during the spring of 2021. The project was oriented by Oscar Dias and Sílvio Santos. The software development and testing was done by Diogo Macedo.